About Us


How Did you get started?

Simple Blossom was started through the Phoenix Farmers Markets.  We sold healthy food and had an organic restaurant in Tempe Arizona and came into contact with many vegan and plant based natural and healthy people looking for local skin safe cosmetics and skincare not tested on animals and made fresh.

How do you prepare the cosmetics? 

We always make our quantities in small batches so they can be fresh and personally created just for you.  After your order we make your lotion, cream, or scrub.  That way it doesnt set around on the shelf in the department store for many months before you get it home.  We dont use petroleum based chemicals even though they are way cheaper. Petroleum based chemicals harm the environment and leach through your skin into your system.  Mineral oil is available in different grades. At the bottom of the list is “technical” grade, which is used to lubricate engines and equipment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that this unpurified form contains contaminants that have been linked in studies to an increased risk of cancer.   Mineral oil also clogs pores leading to breakouts.  We use natural oils like sunflower and avocado oils to provide your skin with nutrients.

What are your guidelines for ingredients in your products?

We use the same skin standards as Whole Foods Grocery Stores.  They have some of the toughest guidelines in the industry.

What is your philosophy? 

Fresh is best.  Dont harm animals or test on them.  Dont use petroleum  based chemicals.  Get back to nature and the old fashioned ways of doing things if you can.  Dont harm the environment.